Fashion Plate, September 1800

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Fashion Plate, September 1800


September 1800


Morning Dress for September 1800

This fashion plate illustrates morning dress for September 1800. Both figures wear white muslin gowns that are slightly longer in the back. White was a popular color in the early 1800s. The figure on the right wears an empire-waisted gown fastened with a “richly embossed hook, composed of lion’s heads, held together by a twisted serpent” (The Lady’s Monthly Museum, July-Dec., 1800: 240). On her head is a straw bonnet with scalloped edging.  She is wearing a short-sleeved gray jacket with lace on the sleeves, collar, and hem. The jacket is open in front to show off the waistline details. The figure on the left is wearing a black lace spencer over her gown, which has open network in the seams. The sleeves are short, and brought to the side with ties. Her hat is painted in green stripes crossing each other, and it matches the color of her fan.

The original description from volume 5 of The Lady's Monthly Museum describes the fashion plate as follows:

Cabinet of Fashion, with Elegant Coloured Plates.

Morning Dresses.

     1. A white muslin gown, with a ruff round the back of the neck; the shoulders full behind, in flutes, and fastened with tyes of muslin. A black lace spencer, with open network on the seams behind. A chip hat, painted with green stripes crossing each other, tied with green; and green shoes.
     2. A plain muslin gown, fastened at the waist with a richly embossed hook, composed of lion’s heads, held together by a twisted serpent (this is used for mourning, as well as full dress). A double-scolloped straw bonnet; and a cloak of black lace, in the form of a short robe. Yellow shoes.


The Lady’s Monthly Museum, v. 5 (July-Dec., 1800).


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Carissa Hawkes


Published by Vernor & Hood, Dec. 1, 1800


Published by Vernor & Hood, Dec. 1, 1800



Published by Vernor & Hood, Dec. 1, 1800, “Fashion Plate, September 1800,” Historic Textile and Costume Collection, accessed August 8, 2022,

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