On the Porch





On the Porch


ca. 1900


Three generations are having their photograph taken on the porch of a house, sometime around 1900.

Two older women stand at the back, each dressed in a light-colored blouse with a dark skirt. One blouse buttons down the front, as evidenced by the gleam of the buttons against the cotton fabric. Two younger women sit on the top step, one in a striped shirtwaist complete with bow tie and turn-down collar, and dark skirt with tucks at the hem just visible. The other is dressed more formally; her's is a dress or two-piece ensemble of printed cotton or silk with a deep lace collar and lace around the skirt flounce. 

For all of the women, their hair is pulled away from the face. The two seated women have buns at the top of the head, a style in keeping with the early twentieth century. 

The youngest member stands on a step wearing a pinafore dress, a loose-fitting garment to the knees that is gathered into the neckline. The fabric appears to have vertical stripes, but whether these are woven or printed is impossible to determine. Dark button boots are just visible below the hem of the dress. This could be a young girl or boy aged about 3, as boys also wore dresses through the early twentieth century. Short pants replaced the skirt around age 4 or 5.


Donor: Ann Soule


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Ryann Malsbury
Susan J. Jerome, MS '06


“On the Porch,” Historic Textile and Costume Collection, accessed January 29, 2023, https://uritextilecollection.omeka.net/items/show/375.

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