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Fashion East and West


In Fashion History: A Global View, fashion is defined as “changing forms of dress that are adopted by a group of people at a certain time and place”…

Contributors: Linda Welters, PhD
Students from TMD 5700 - Material Culture: Fashion East and West. Fall 2023

Men's Waistcoats and Vests


Waistcoats, also called vests, were ubiquitous in the nineteenth-century Western male’s wardrobe. They are a vestige of the three-piece suit – coat,…

Shoes from the Nineteenth Century


The Historic Textile and Costume Collection has over 150 pairs of men's and women's shoes, boots and slippers that date back to 1768. This doesn't…

Lithographs by Achille Devoria


The Historic Textile and Costume Collection houses three lithographs imprinted with dates of 1792, 1794, and 1801 and the barely legible name of “A.…

Contributors: Linda Welters, Ph.D.

One American Family: A Tale of North and South


Inspired by the 2018 publication of An American Quilt: Unfolding a Story of Family and Slavery, by URI's Rachel May (PhD '15), this exhibition reveals…

Contributors: Rebecca Kelly, Instructor and Susan J. Jerome, Collections Manager

Twentieth-Century Fashion Designers

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Twentieth-Century Fashion Designers The Historic Textile & Costume Collection (HTCC) houses numerous artifacts that represent the work of…

Contributors: Linda Welters, PhD
Students of TMD 570 - Material Culture: 20th c. Fashion Designers, Spring 2021

Materials of the Future


The 1960s were a decade characterized by a break with tradition. Obvious reflections of this can be seen in the development of space exploration and…

Contributors: Zhanique Waite

The Ladies' Paradise

pique dress.png

The Ladies’ Paradise artifact study project was a response to a challenge from the International Textile and Apparel Association to incorporate Émile…

Hats and Bonnets


Head coverings of some sort, for men, women and children, have been part of human culture for thousands of years. In the United States, women followed…

The Kaleidoscope of Textiles: Dress as Multidimensional Cultural Documents

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"Show me the clothes of a culture and I can write its history" - Anatole France (1844-1924)Material culture is the world of things that people – all…

Contributors: The following students contributed to the production of this exhibit: Christina Adamo; Mariela Aguero Barrantes; Aymar Ccopacatty; Susan Day; Erika Holshoe; Michelle Leung; Cordelia Mueller; Samantha Myette; Alyssa Opishinski; Katy W. O’Donnell

All photographs by Connor Steere

Faculty and staff: Jessica Strubel; Rebecca Kelly; Susan J. Jerome