Historic Textile and Costume Collection

The mission of the Historic Textile and Costume Collection supports teaching in the Department of Textiles, Fashion Merchandising and Design, as well as other departments on campus; encourages research by students, faculty, and visiting scholars; and provides artifacts for use in class, exhibitions in the Textile Gallery, and loans at other museums.

Recently Added Items

Quilted Petticoat


This petticoat, donated to URI by Winslow Ames in 1971, contributes to our understanding of quilting as an important element of a woman’s life in the…

Quilted Petticoat

1964.15.12 copy.jpg

This brown silk petticoat originally was owned by Mary Perrin. Mary was born 14 September 1811, in Rehoboth, Massachusetts (Steere 2011). The…

Quilted Petticoat

1970.01.40 copy.jpg

The donors of this quilted petticoat suggested that it was “probably worn by Martha Cross Browning or her daughter Anne or Elizabeth Browning who…

Quilted Petticoat

1964.15.14 copy.jpg

This petticoat is an example of imitation Marseilles work. In the late eighteenth century, manufactured yard goods that resembled the prized, time…