Historic Textile and Costume Collection

The mission of the Historic Textile and Costume Collection supports teaching in the Department of Textiles, Fashion Merchandising and Design, as well as other departments on campus; encourages research by students, faculty, and visiting scholars; and provides artifacts for use in class, exhibitions in the Textile Gallery, and loans at other museums.

Recently Added Items

Woman's Dress, 1830s


This dress of printed cotton reflects the style of the late 1830s. The sleeves were reproduced by graduate students to replace those that were removed…

Maternity Dresses, 1830s

white ladies.jpg

Each of these dresses reflects the at-home style worn during the 1830s.The high-waisted style was popular during the time when Susan and her sister…

Woman's brown dress, 1830s

brown with cape.jpg

This dress was possibly sewn by Susan Williams Crouch. The Collection houses other dresses possibly sewn by Susan.

Woman's dress, 1840s

great silk.jpg

This gown of silk satin was possibly worn by Susan Crouch’s younger sister, Sarah Rose Williams (1822 – 1854), when she married Lewis J. Chace. Worn…